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As an Advisor of Best Options, Dave at Dave Knows Health® makes it his task to fully understand and educate consumers on the 5 main options for health insurance in the United States today:

The latter, the Employer-based Group Coverage, is the predominant group health coverage for most Americans today, since the employer will typically pay for most of the premiums for the employee… and if you’re lucky, some of the premiums for dependents, as well!

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However, if and when this predominant option is not available to you, that’s when you need Dave!
At Dave Knows Health will present and guide you through all the options available and help you get set up with the best plan.

“What might that be?” you may ask. Well, the option (everyone loves options) that makes most sense for you and your family, if applicable. And such option is invariably the most extensive coverage at the most reasonable monthly premiums.

Quick & easy! Let me help you today!


Dave from Dave Knows Health and his/their partners have for you a membership plan that is guaranteed for people under the age of 65 who can afford roughly $90 per month.

The SCA Executive Diamond PLUS Membership Plan


Click here to find out all about it, including a comprehensive guide detailing all plan benefits.


Here at Dave Knows Health®, Dave understands health coverage isn’t the easiest to understand. Dave strives to make it as easy as possible for Americans to comprehend & obtain.

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